Who is South City Jazz?

In 2010, a group of junior high students were moving into high school for the first time. After years of playing in a jazz program at their junior high, they were all disheartened to learn that there was no such program at their high school. And so, Christine 'Chris' Sheppard decided to take these ambitious young musicians and begin a program of her own. As the years went by, the popularity and prestige of this group began to grow, branching out into the two groups it is today.

The South City Jazz 'Combo' has many of the original students from the band's inception in 2010. These students are now all in university ranging from music students to medical students. This group is made up of 7 musicians which include the core instruments required for any jazz ensemble. 

The South City Jazz 'Big Band' is reminiscent of the original band and includes high school students that Chris continues takes under her wing to foster her love of music across all generations. This group has a largesound, with 21 players fulfilling the sound requirements of a 'big band'

From Classic to Modern Jazz


South City Jazz has every piece of instrumentation and electronics needed for their whole sound. Amps, PA systems, microphones, brass, woodwind, strings, you name it, we have it. If you book South City Jazz, the only thing that we need access to is a power outlet!