About this group...

This group contains many of the players from original South City Jazz.

With the added bonus of a vocalist, this combo is an intimate group that are suitable for a wide variety of settings. Currently, this group has been commissioned to play at both large and small venues as well as outdoors during the warmer months.

Christine Sheppard

Chris is the drummer and leader of the combo. 

She has a music education degree from the U of M, but relocated to Calgary in 1995.  After raising three children, Chris began teaching jazz at the junior high level.  In 2011, Chris and the jazz students formed the South City Jazz as a solution for the lack of a jazz program at their high school. 

Brooke Belanger

Brooke is the main Vocalist and Guitar player for the South City Jazz Combo.  

Newly enrolled as a PhD studentin the Neuroscience graduate program at the University of Calgary, Brooke has always made time to pursue her love of music. 

Brooke taught piano, vocals, guitar, ukulele among other instruments for just over four years before deciding to pursue her studies full-time. 

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James Richardson

James is the primary piano player for South City Jazz. 

James will be graduating high school this year. He has been playing piano since age 7 and took on playing jazz at age 13. He hopes to continue to play for his enjoyment and love of music.

Elle Graham

 Elle Graham is the bass player in the South City Jazz Band Combo.

She has been playing electric and stand up bass for 9 years, joining South City Jazz in 2011. The band was originally just an extracurricular activity to pursue outside of school, but her increasing passion for music and formed relationships with band members, has convinced Elle to stay in the band six years later. Currently, she is in her final year of Education at Mount Royal University. She is excited to graduate in 2019 to become a full-time teacher.

Zack Sheppard

 Zack is the trombone player and occasional singer in South City Jazz. 

He studies software engineering at the University of Calgary, making him not the most obvious jazz player. However, his love for jazz has inspired him to start back in 2010 and the end is nowhere in sight. 

Nick Graham

Nick is both the tenor and alto saxophone player in the South City Jazz Combo. 

He makes time to play music with a group of people that he enjoys. Currently, Nick studies jazz saxophone at Ambrose University here in Calgary.

Although he didn't join the band at it's inception, Nick has become an integral part of the group.

Taylor Sheppard

 Taylor's music career began in 2004 and has become an integral part of her life. 

As a medical student at the University of Calgary, Taylor has little time to herself anymore, yet, she devotes much of it playing music. As both a guitar and trumpet player, she uses music to relax and recharge while also pushing her boundaries as a musician. 

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